New live songs and videos are up!  

 Hey everyone,

So I've had a lot going on lately - I've gotten to play two out of town shows in the past month - one at Cafe Coco in Nashville, TN and one at the Be Heard Speakeasy in Dahlonega, GA. For now, I'm just working on writing some new songs. Hopefully, I'll be able to do some more traveling in May and June.

My open mic night at Cool Beans has a new Facebook page! I'm also no longer doing this every Friday so the next three will be 5/11, 6/1, and 6/15. Like us on Facebook to stay updated -

Spencer Durham was nice enough to record the set in Dahlonega, and James Hughey (see his band page AllofHerTwitch!) recorded some videos of my set in Nashville! The videos are posted below, you can hear one of the live tracks (La-De-Da) here in this blog, and the rest are up on my music page. Enjoy!

Sara Crawford

Here's me doing "Ghost Party" a poem from my new book, Driving Downtown to the Show

My Bjork cover

Me doing a solo version of "Rooftops"

I have since titled this song "Don't Walk Away"

  1. La-De-Da (live in Dahlonega)

Upcoming events! Acoustic shows, a poetry book release, the 24 hour plays... 

Hey everyone!

I have a few things coming up that I wanted to tell y'all about. (Yes, I just said y'all. I'm from the South!) 

Saturday, March 31st -  I will be playing an acoustic set at KSU for the KSU Peace Project. They are having a fun day where they will break the world record for the largest human peace sign! The event is free, and it will be an awesome day of peace, love, and music. Finster and Emmanuel Jal will also be performing. I'm playing at 1:30 so stop on by! I'm also making a ton of Atlanta musician mix CDs to give away for FREE! 

Sunday, April 1st - I'll be participating in the 24-hour plays again this year with Working Title Playwrights, where we will collectively be writing and producing short plays over the course of 24 hours! I'll be co-writing something (though I won't know what until I start working on it Saturday night!) and they will be performed Sunday at 8 pm at Onstage Atlanta. Come check out this evening of craziness and support one of my favorite theatrical organizations in Atlanta!

Saturday, April 7th - The Driving Downtown to the Show book release party! This will be FREE on the roof of the Strand Theatre in Marietta, GA for Brew with a View. There will be poetry performances from me (I'll be doing poems from the book), and music performances from nerdkween, Juliana Finch, and Low UFO. Come out and support! And you will also be able to get a copy of my new book of poems, Driving Downtown to the Show!

Monday, April 16th - I'll be returning to Nashville to play an acoustic set at Cafe Coco!

Saturday, April 21st - I'll be playing a solo show at The Drunken Unicorn with Corner Kid and Sleep Dance. I'm planning on having some guest artists so you definitely don't want to miss it! I'll be playing some new songs, also!

Every Friday from 8 to 11 pm, I am now hosting an open mic night at Cool Beans in the Marietta Square. Come out and play a song, read a poem, be creative and express yourself! Or just have a cup of coffee and support the artists. :) We have some great talent!

So that's what's been going on with me lately. :)

Also stay tune for some more YouTube covers in the next few weeks!

Sara Crawford

New cover! And an old one from my solo/acoustic album. 

 I posted a new acoustic cover! I've been obsessing over Florence and the Machine lately so I thought I'd do my take on "Shake It Out." Have a listen!

Also, I have been playing my solo tunes more lately. I miss some of them! And I don't get to play them very often with Pocket the Moon. I've actually been trying to go out to more open mic nights - I'm even hosting an open mic night on Fridays now at my favorite coffee shop, Cool Beans, in Marietta. And I think I may be playing some solo gigs in the near future. We will see!

Anyway, I decided to post one of my favorite songs from my solo album - the title track, "Unsent Letters."


Driving Downtown to the Show - a new book of poems coming spring 2012 


Driving Downtown to the Show is a book of poems that came out of a grad school poetry workshop I took in spring 2011. Our professor had us come up with a poetry writing procedure, which would consist of ―rules that we would set for ourselves which would determine our writing schedules and content. We were to decide on a title before writing any poems, and the goal was to have a cohesive collection of poems by the time the semester was over. Because I was taking this class at a time when my main creative focus was my music career, I decided to use music as an inspiration for my procedure, particularly the Atlanta music scene.

Being in a local Atlanta band myself, with a long history of performing and enjoying many local shows in Atlanta’s many wonderful and unique music venues, I was greatly inspired and I wanted to harness that energy. Our city has such a wide variety of musicians and performers, and on any given night, there are at least three or four excellent local shows to go see. I wanted to do a collection of poems that celebrated the musician and celebrated the entire metro Atlanta area.

I scheduled my writing time for after band practice, and I decided each poem must contain a band name. When I sat down to write a poem, I would look up the bands that were playing at some of my favorite Atlanta music venues, The Earl, the Drunken Unicorn, and the Star Bar, and I would incorporate one of those band names into my poem. I also would put my iPod on random, and whichever song played would determine the length of the poem based on how many lines the lyrics had or how long the song was if it was an instrumental song. (I also decided, just for fun, to slip in all of the band names of bands I’ve been in.)

I will be self-publishing this book in the spring. Stay tuned for news of a book release/reading event! 

For now, enjoy one of the poems from my collection. In this poem, the band name I used was Wild Nothing. (They are not at Atlanta band, but they happened to be playing at the Drunken Unicorn the day I wrote this poem.)

Driving Mixy #1: The 'Songs That Actually Mention Driving' Mixy

That night, you got into
a shopping cart,
and I pushed you
around the Pizza
Hut where we worked –
in the rain - laughing - we were
wild. Nothing
ever stood in between
you and I and adventure.

We'd sneak out of our slumber
party bedroom windows
to hop in my white Chevy Malibu,
alternating drivers, drinking
vanilla coke,
bitching about the boys
who dumped us both at the same time
("Those fuckers!"),
listening to the Driving Mixy –
     All I want to do is to thank you
     even though I don't know who you are
     you let me change lanes
     when I was driving in my car

Accelerating without a care
through the strip malls and chain restaurants
in the town
where we once covered
the church playground in sidewalk chalk –
happy faces and song lyrics –
until the cops caught us
and told us to go home,
but we were.

New cover! Hyperballad by Bjork 


Here's a new acoustic cover for you guys. "Hyperballad" by Bjork. This is one of my favorite songs, and I've been doing this acoustic cover for a while so I thought I'd put it up for you guys. 

Ignore the weird focus/blurry issues I was having with my webcam! 

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