Sara is now offering affordable online creativity coaching sessions. Sara has a background in singing, songwriting, playing guitar, playing the keyboard, being in bands, acting, directing, screenwriting, playwriting, poetry, spoken word, writing and editing fiction, and more, and she has over 20 years of experience in the arts. She also has several years of experience with teaching creative writing classes at the graduate level for Southern New Hampshire University, and she has also worked as a freelance editor/creative writing coach for many clients. In addition, Sara is in the process of becoming a certified creativity coach with the Creativity Coaching Association.

What is a creativity coach?

As a creativity coach, Sara can help you to:

    -  Achieve artistic goals

    -  Overcome creative blocks

    -  Handle the criticism, rejection, and challenges that come with living a creative life

    -  Offer support and motivation

    -  Find opportunities to share your work

    -  Evaluate work and give honest yet encouraging feedback

    -  Discover new creative exercises and practices

    -  Navigate the creative life journey


Who is creativity coaching for?


Creativity coaching is beneficial for:


    - Musicians

    - Actors

    - Performers

    - Visual artists

    - Singers

    - Songwriters

    - Authors

    - Poets

    - Playwrights

    - Screenwriters

    - Filmmakers

    - Graphic designers

    - Theatrical artists

    - Culinary artists

    - Artists of any kind 


Although artists are the primary clients of most creativity coaches, coaching may also be helpful for people in any profession who want to add more creativity into their lives. Perhaps you want to be more artistic or creative, but you don't know where to start. 


It's important to note that a creativity coach is not a therapist or psychologist. Clients with mental health issues will be encouraged to also seek professional psychological or psychiatric treatment, and creativity coaches cannot give medical advice or diagnoses.


What is a creativity coaching session like?


Much like a life coaching session, a creativity coaching session will typically be between 45 minutes and an hour and a half, and it may consist of discussions of creative issues, artistic goals, current challenges, helpful resources, or opportunities. The client may also show the creativity coach what they are currently working on, especially if they need help getting unblocked, feedback, or encouragement with their current projects. 


How much is a creativity coaching session?


Sara doesn't have one standard rate, but rather she takes each client's situation and needs into account. She is extremely flexible and affordable, understanding that finances can often be an unnecessary source of stress in a creative person's life. 


How do online creativity coaching sessions work?


Sara uses Skype to do creativity coaching sessions. Or if the client prefers, she can do them over the phone as well.


How do I sign up?


If you are interested in creativity coaching, please contact Sara for more information.