To be released in 2021

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Chloe Chastain is a vampire. But she's not going to let that stop her from living a normal life as she begins senior year at Dogwood High School in Savannah, Georgia. She expected to be a natural at being a vampire--having been an obsessive fan of the vampire novels, The Chronicles of the Shadows, and given her new relationship with Theodore Dupont, the (very real) protagonist. But not even her new vampire boyfriend or new vampire friends, Daliah and Christine, can help her much with adjusting to her new circumstances as she becomes consumed by her desires.

As they struggle to discover why Chloe is being visited by significant figures from her past or who is breaking into their new home and whether or not they are connected to the anti-vampire group, the Assassins, the other supernatural creatures in Savannah pull Chloe, Theodore, Daliah, and Christine into a battle that's much larger than any of them.

Will Chloe learn how to be one of the vampires she always loved? Or will an ancient supernatural hostility destroy everything before she can even begin her new life?