From the Pocket the Moon blog

From the Pocket the Moon blog

Hey everyone!

Thanks for coming by the Pocket the Moon website/blog.

First of all, we have our first official show as Pocket the Moon on Saturday, February 5th at Drunken Unicorn. We played a few shows in December with the new set-up, but those were more like preview shows for our new sound. Well, now we are geared up and ready to go. We're really excited about the show on Saturday, and we're really excited to hear Athens-based Audiophile featuring Brennan Johnson as well as members of Dubconscious, Collective Efforts, and Entropy and our friends in Ether Overdrive, which features musicians that both Geoff and I have played with in various projects (Goodland, Nigh Eve, Novo Luna, to name a few).

We've been working extremely hard on recording our full-length album. (Well, Geoff has been working extremely hard, really. He's doing most of the recording, mixing, arranging, etc. etc. All I do is show up and play/sing.) The album has a tentative release date of May 17, 2011. For now, you can hear two preview tracks on our music page and if you come to the show on Saturday, we will be giving away free sampler CDs with a few preview tracks as well.

As many of you know, I raised money in December on Kickstarter to go on tour this summer. Originally, I was planning on going solo/acoustic in June, but now that we are both going together as Pocket the Moon, we will be going in mid-August. We're both really excited about putting out the album and hitting the road!

Check out our new band photos taken by Oberonia and KG photography on our photos/videos page!

We've got a few really exciting shows planned for the spring as well. We'll be playing with Sydney Eloise in March and Nerdkween in April (Help her get to South by Southwest by buying her homemade pet treats here!). We're continuing to book shows as well, so check back to stay updated.

Also, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook or you can sign our mailing list!

We really appreciate how supportive everyone has been so far! Thank you so much, everyone. Your support means the world to us! We'll see you on Saturday!


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