Stories you can fall into...

A woman with long blonde hair in braids from the back with the text "Coiled and Swallowed" "A Book of Poems by Sara Crawford"
A man looking pensive above a silhouette of a woman with her hair flying as she plays piano blurring into a blue and purple landscape with the text "We Own the Sky - Sara Crawford"
The Atlanta skyline at night with the text "Driving Downtown to the Show" "A Book of Poems by Sara Crawford"
The silhouette of a woman looking ahead against a blurry, starry background in reds, yellows, and blues with the text "Hurry Up, We're Dreaming - Sara Crawford, Author of We Own the Sky"
Abstract yellow lights out of focus with the text "Slip Away" "A Book of Poems by Sara Crawford"
A silhouette of a couple with their heads pressed together against a dark blue sky full of stars with the text "You and the Night - The Muse Chronicles Book 3 - Sara Crawford"
A beautiful woman with long, blonde, curly hair, wearing a lacy black top with the text "Into the Shadows - Sara Crawford"
The silhouette of a teenage girl dressed in pink leg warmers and eighties clothes with the text "Time After Time - Sara Crawford"
A black outline of a pen writing with the text "The 30-Day Writing Challenge - Begin or Enhance Your Daily Writing Habit - Sara E. Crawford" against a purple background