5 Places That Make Marietta, Georgia Awesome

30 day blog challenge - day 6

I don't talk much about where I live much so I decided to rectify that today.

I live in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia called Marietta. I grew up in Kennesaw, the suburb that is right next to Marietta, and I've basically lived in this north-of-Atlanta suburban area my entire life. 

In Atlanta, there is a perimeter (285) that divides the metro area into "ITP" (inside the perimeter) and "OTP" (outside the perimeter). There are a lot of what I call "ITP snobs" (i.e. people who grew up in the suburbs, moved downtown when they turned 22 or whatever, and now act like they are way too cool for school) who constantly criticize everything outside the perimeter saying that all we have are Wal-Marts and Taco Bells, etc. etc. 

I disagree, though. I moved to "downtown Marietta" about a year ago, and I love living in Marietta. There are a lot of really cool places within walking distance of me, and I thought I'd write about some of my favorites:

The Strand Theater 

This 1935 Art Deco theater was a music venue when I was a teenager, but then it closed down for almost a decade. It was renovated and reopened in 2009, and since then, I have seen many cool movies, plays, and bands in this awesome theater. They even have Brew with a View on the roof with live music and drinks when it's warmer. I played a Brew with a View with my band, Pocket the Moon, and I also hosted my Driving Downtown to the Show poetry book release party there. We also used the rooftop as the setting for our "Rooftops" video in Pocket the Moon. Needless to say, I have an artistic connection with this place. 

Marietta Pizza Company

I would argue the pizza from MPC is some of the best pizza in the metro Atlanta area. Aaammmaaazinnng. The atmosphere is great, the people who work there are friendly and offer great service, and did I mention the AMAZING pizza?

Miss Mamie's Cupcakes



This Celtic pub is always a great time. They host talented musicians on the weekends including many of my favorite songwriter friends. They used to have one of my favorite open mic nights in town. (Sadly, that is no more.) They have a really cool back patio area with a bonfire! They feature a divey side of the bar and a classier non-smoking side so you will have a great time no matter what kind of evening you're seeking.

Cool Beans

Anyone who has known me at all in the last 10 years will tell you that I love Cool Beans. I am a Cool Beans regular. When I only worked from home, I used to go to Cool Beans every single day to do my work, and it has played a major role in my studies (both undergrad and graduate scool). I have written the majority of most of my plays and the majority of my novel at Cool Beans, and the coffee shop is featured in a number of my poems. They roast their own coffee, and it's DELICIOUS. (WAY better than Starbucks!) The outside patio area is probably the best place to hang out in Marietta. 

I also have sentimental connections to Cool Beans as I played my very first acoustic show there as a solo musician, I have played shows there with most of my bands, I used to host open mic night there, and many of my friends have worked there.

So there you go. Five reasons to hang out in Marietta.

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  • Kira
    Kira Marietta
    Thank you for releasing this article. I moved here from Illinois last year and Ive been looking for comfortable places to hang. I will definitely hit up the Strand.

    Thank you for releasing this article. I moved here from Illinois last year and Ive been looking for comfortable places to hang. I will definitely hit up the Strand.

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