A List of Things I Could Write About & Summing Up 30-Day Blog Challenge So Far

Alright, I have to admit that I am struggling with the blog challenge today. Coming up with an interesting blog topic 30 days in a row? Tough.

While I was trying to figure out what to write about today, here's a list of ideas I came up with:
1. Why do actors keep overdosing on heroin? (RIP PSH)
2. E-books or paper?
3. February is my least favorite month.
4. Dealing with change and how I think I've gotten better at it since I was a teenager, but probably not.
5. Are we all hypochondriacs in America?
6. I can't really spell without spell check.
7. Working out at the gym always makes me feel better.
8. The Vampire Diaries is my guilty pleasure teeny bopper show. (It's like Dawson's Creek with vampires. I mean, come on!)
9. Who are these people who are constantly saying ridiculously stupid things on Twitter? I don't know them. Do you?
10. My obsessive list-making habit: OCD or quirky?
11. Getting nostalgic for things that happened, like, two months ago.
12. I wish all of winter would be a snowpocalypse and Atlanta would remain shut down for the whole winter and then when the snow melted and it got warm outside we could all emerge and get back to real life.
13. Who are these guys that hit on girls at the gas station? When has that ever worked? "Oh, let me tell you kids about when I met your grandfather at the Chevron. It was love at first sight!"
14. I thought I might make a list of all of the blogs I've done so far and maybe that would count as an entry.
15. I have seen all of the episodes of Friends so many time that I have an appropriate Friends quote for nearly every situation.

Alright, well. I may as well make a list of the blog entries I've done so far.

Day 1 - Reconnecting with Music
Day 2 - Is There a Wrong Way to Cover a Song? *
Day 3 - Go Experience Some ART!
Day 4 - Empathy and Point of View – Stepping Outside of Your Cultural Identity as a Writer 
Day 5 - Being Comfortable With Being Awkward *
Day 6 - 5 Places That Make Marietta, Georgia Awesome
Day 7 - Celebrating Our Social Progress on MLK Day
Day 8 - To Self-Promote or Not To Self-Promote? Marketing Tips For Writers and Artists
Day 9 - Four Ways an English Degree Will Help You In Any Job
Day 10 - The Art of Doing Nothing
Day 11 - Thoughts on Self-Publishing: Where Do You Stand?
Day 12 - It's Effing Cold Mixy
Day 13 - Enthusiasm for Young Adult Literature
Day 14 - 5 of My Favorite Well-Written TV Shows
Day 15 - Things I Learned From My Parents
Day 16 - SnowJam 2014 - Grateful For All The Helpers
Day 17 - Cabin Fever Writing Prompts
Day 18 - 10 Signs You Are Meant To Be a Writer *
Day 19 - 5 Young Adult Books I Want To Read in 2014
Day 20 - stream of consciousness
Day 21 - Being an Artist Even When It Makes You Feel Like Crap *
Day 22 - Open Mic Night: Finding Your Voice
Day 23 - A List of Things I Could Write About

* These are my favorites so far.

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