A poem - Watercolor Saturday

After Rain by Aneta Anna Saks

I rarely post my own poetry on here. I wrote a poem on Saturday, though, and I thought I'd share it with you because I liked it.

Watercolor Saturday

It’s a vibrant sky.
One minute,
the clouds are blinding
brush strokes, so white
they leave neon green
orbs when you close
your eyes,
trickling down slowly
like the purple smiley face
stamp on your hand
from last night
at the reggae bar
(where you danced
like it was the end of the world)
washing off of your skin
in the scalding shower.
The next minute,
the clouds shift into darker
shades of grey, like
a black and white film
dripping down hopeful, heavy
rain drops
that slide
as the bare trees
rush by in a
watercolor blur
of a Saturday
from the backseat
of your grandmother’s car.
It’s a shame you
don’t still believe it can fly
when she asks it to.

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