Another rant about art

Music is not a competition. Art is not a competition. All musicians have something to offer. Whatever music, theatre, film, literature, art that you're putting out there, someone, somewhere likes it. All art has value. Even if you don’t want it to. The second you write a song, create a piece of art, it has life outside of you. You don’t have any control over it. It’s like giving birth. You created it, but now it’s something else. It’s organic. It grows and changes, and you just get to watch and see what happens.

I’m so incredibly lucky to be in this town, to be around these people, to be here, now. No, I’m not famous. No, I’m not making enough money from music/writing to support myself. Yes, I still have a day job. (But even my day job is awesome, and I’m so grateful to have it! It’s the kind of job that allows me the flexibility to play music, to write plays, to be in a graduate school program for writing, to travel to Mexico for a month, to hang out at The Star Bar or The Earl on week nights and see amazing get the picture.) But none of that matters. As long as I can write songs and sing them (along the side of extremely talented musicians, even!), as long as I can write plays and poems and stories, as long as I can go see other plays and other musicians and go to art museums and poetry readings, as long as I can share, experience, support, and create ART, I’m happy. And that’s what I do. So I’m happy.

Hey, artists. Let’s celebrate and support each other. We all have different songs to sing. (Sometimes, we can even harmonize with each other.) We all have different stories to tell. And let’s all just take a second and realize how good we have it, how fortunate we are.

:- )

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