Hippie rants!

by Beverly Crawford

So I needed to write a blog. ( And you're thinking, "Oh, God, here comes Sara gushing about all of the AWESOME music again!") Haha. And...that is true.

My life is overflowing with good music. Right here in Atlanta! First of all, Monday night, I went to play at the Open Mic Night at Eddie's Attic. Now, typically, I'm not really a fan of making music a competition, and the Eddie's Attic Open Mic is a competitive event. At the end of the night, there is a top 3, and they all get to play an extra song. Then one person wins, and there's prize money, and they get to go on to the big Open Mic tournament they have twice a year. Usually, when music becomes a competition, I feel like the atmosphere is a lot more judgmental and critical, and there's not as much support for your fellow musician, but I think Eddie's Attic is just the opposite. Yes, it's a competition, but I think all of the musicians are really supportive of each other. Everyone actually listens to you while you're playing there, which is not true of many other venues. And I think they've done a great job at setting up a really cool atmosphere where musicians can really share their art.

I saw tons of great artists Monday night! The most memorable for me was a group called Momentary Prophets. You should definitely check out their music! I really loved their whole energy and their songs are very well-crafted.

Then, Wednesday, I went out to Smith's Olde Bar for the 500 Songs for Kids benefit. What a great show! They spend a week counting down the 500 greatest era-defining songs, with 500 artists covering each song! And all of the money goes towards the Songs for Kids Foundation, which is a really, really great cause. Check out some of the things they do on their website! 500 Songs for Kids is still going on tonight and tomorrow night, so make it out if you can! Or just stop by the website and donate! I saw some really great musicians on Wednesday! Drivin' N' Cryin' actually stopped by to ROCK out Tom Petty's "American Girl." There were tons of other amazing musicians playing that night, all coming together to support a great cause. It was actually really cool. And I thought my cover of Dolly's "9 to 5" went really well. I might even break that one out at future shows sometime!

There is just SO MUCH GOOD MUSIC! Everywhere!!! On the internet, on independent and college radio stations, in local venues and bars, everywhere!! It's so exciting! Sometimes I feel like I'm going to explode, like I'm just going to bubble over from all of the SPECTACULAR music! I think I'm going to post another music sharing podcast coming up, too! Mostly local music, I think. So look for that! You'll see more of what I'm talking about when you can listen to it!

There are a lot of really great things going on in my life right now. First of all, I'm completely STOKED about the backing band!! We finally have a new name by the way, Sara Crawford and the Cult Following. Our set for the Lenny's show is sounding awesome! We're playing the full band versions of a bunch of my Unsent Letters songs, bringing back a few of my favorite Novo Luna songs (I sang with both Adrian and Geoff in Novo Luna), playing some new songs (I have a new 50's-sounding piano tune called "Hipster Haircut" which I'm particularly excited about) and a kickass cover! And Goodland, Strangelove, and Wade in the Rhythm will all be playing, too! I can't WAIT!

Also, I'm turning 25 this Sunday! I'm pretty excited. 24 was cool, but I am really looking forward to 25. I love New Years and birthdays! It feels like you get a chance to start over. I mean, you get a chance to start over every single day, really, but those two holidays seem to be symbolic of that. If you feel like getting me a birthday present, all I really want is for you to come see me and the backing band on May 14th at Lennys, May 20th at Smith's Olde Bar, and/or May 29th at Cool Beans! :-)

And I'm gearing up for two really exciting things. Hedwig and the Angry Inch and my first semester of graduate school in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico! As most of you know, I'm starting graduate school this summer. I'm doing the University of New Orlean's low residency MFA in creative writing with a focus in playwriting. I opted to do this program because summer semesters are in person doing a study abroad, and fall/spring semesters are online. I thought it'd be ideal because I can travel and have new experiences but also stay in Atlanta and continue to be a part of the wonderful music and theatre scenes that are here, which I've fallen in love with. So, this July, I'll be starting the grad school experience! I'll be in Mexico from July 3rd to July 31st, and I could not be more PSYCHED !

I feel like everything is just flowing effortlessly. I made some health decisions recently, and I've been surrounding myself with amazing, positive, loving people. Sometimes I'm just completely giddy. I'll just go on random laughing fits over seemingly nothing because there's just so much joy! I've also been doing a lot of self-work, spiritually and otherwise, making a lot of self-discoveries. I feel like I'm starting to find the love within myself, which makes it so much easier to love others because it's a more pure love, it's not a love based on needing approval or co-dependency. It's a constant journey though, a process! I just feel like finally my eyes have been opened and I can actually appreciate and see my growth, my journey, the lessons I am learning, and that's a really amazing thing. It definitely helps to have so many incredible people in my life who inspire me every day.

Now that I've gone on a total hippie rant. Haha. It's okay. I can accept my hippiness. I still have a job and take showers, so I'm not a COMPLETE hippie, right?

Well, guys, the weather outside is gorgeous, everything is beautiful, and on any given day, there are at least ten incredible things to do here in Atlanta. Go see a play! Go to an art gallery! Go see a band! Go see an independent film! Go try a new beer! Go for a walk in the park! Go read a book of poems! Go tell someone you appreciate then! Go make a mixy for someone! Draw someone a picture! Drive around aimlessly just to listen to good music! There is SO much to do, so much beauty in the world, so much love, so much to be happy about! So go be happy. :-)