It's Effing Cold Mixy

30 day blog challenge - day 12

I thought I would share my "It's Effing Cold Mixy" with you today.

I like to make mix CDs (or playlists) that I call "mixies." I make these for different moods, for different writing projects, and of course for different seasons. I always make a "Scent of Autumn" mixy every year. We've been having a REALLY COLD winter here in Georgia (as most of the US has, I'm sure), and this inspired me to make a mixy called "It's Effing Cold." 

These are all songs that make me think of winter or being cold. Enjoy!

1. Winter - Tori Amos This is pretty self-explanatory.
2. Tether - CHVRCHES There is just something about the way her spacey vocals float over the guitar that makes me think of really cold, grey days.
3. Bored Games - Wild Nothing Okay, ever since I saw these guys put on one of the WORST shows I have ever seen, I haven't listened to them much. But this song still reminds me of the Snowpocalypse of 2011 so I had to put it on here.
4. The North - Stars It's so cold in this country. You can never get warm.
5. My Plants Are Dead - Blonde Redhead This is another one that makes me think of winter because I listened to it so much in the winter of 2010/2011.
6. Frosti - Bjork You can almost just see the snowflakes dancing when you close your eyes.
7. In the Hearts of Men - First Aid Kit This song is melancholy in a way that winter is melancholy for me.
8. In the Pines - Widowspeak This song reminds me of the cabin fever boredom feeling you get when you have been inside so long because it's EFFING COLD.
9. Open Waters - Moonlight Bride This song just sounds like winter.
10. The Sound of Silence - Simon and Garfunkel I thought of going outside when it snows and it's so quiet, you can hear everything. The sound of silence.
11. No Surprises - Antoine Coercy (Radiohead cover) This instrumental version of my favorite Radiohead song is quiet and somber and makes me think of drinking hot chocolate and falling asleep in front of the fire.
12. Child I Will Hurt You - Crystal Castles I think this song is beautiful, and it also sounds like winter.
13. Bluer Than Midnight - The The A great soulful ballad to warm your melancholy winter night.

Spotify playlist
Youtube playlist (this one's a little different because not all of these versions were on YouTube)

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