New live songs and videos are up! 

 Hey everyone,

So I've had a lot going on lately - I've gotten to play two out of town shows in the past month - one at Cafe Coco in Nashville, TN and one at the Be Heard Speakeasy in Dahlonega, GA. For now, I'm just working on writing some new songs. Hopefully, I'll be able to do some more traveling in May and June.

My open mic night at Cool Beans has a new Facebook page! I'm also no longer doing this every Friday so the next three will be 5/11, 6/1, and 6/15. Like us on Facebook to stay updated -

Spencer Durham was nice enough to record the set in Dahlonega, and James Hughey (see his band page AllofHerTwitch!) recorded some videos of my set in Nashville! The videos are posted below, you can hear one of the live tracks (La-De-Da) here in this blog, and the rest are up on my music page. Enjoy!

Sara Crawford

Here's me doing "Ghost Party" a poem from my new book, Driving Downtown to the Show

My Bjork cover

Me doing a solo version of "Rooftops"

I have since titled this song "Don't Walk Away"


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