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I hope you all are staying healthy and safe during this chaos!

Because everyone is stuck at home in the middle of this COVID-19 crisis, I have decided to make all of my ebooks free from tomorrow (3/17/20) (starting at midnight) through Saturday (3/21/20). That includes:

When Chloe discovers her favorite fictional vampire, Theodore Dupont, is actually real, she travels to New Orleans to turn to him for help and gets swept up in the New Orleans supernatural community.

"Brilliant first book in a new series" - Amazon Reviewer

"Fast-Paced, Can't Put It Down Action & Romance...Vampire Style!" - Amazon Reviewer

Book 1 in The Muse Chronicles: A teenage musician falls in love with her Muse, a spiritual being who inspires art, even though no one else can see him.

"Subtly Got Under My Skin & Not Leaving Any Time Soon" - Amazon Reviewer

"If you love YA, mythology, and great music, this is the series for you!" - Amazon Reviewer

"Book 2 in The Muse Chronicles

"A beautiful and suspenseful follow-up" - Amazon Reviewer

"Wonderful book....this is a MUST read" - Amazon Reviewer

Book 3 in The Muse Chronicles

"Great wrap-up to a very good series!" - Amazon Reviewer

"I loved picturing the artists having their muse with them, being inspired. It’s a beautiful concept!" - Amazon Reviewer


You can also download The Muse Chronicles as a single ebook


Or if you feel like starting or enhancing your writing habit...

"I really loved this book. It's easily "digestible" and immediately usable." - Amazon Reviewer

"Great exercises and ideas. Easy to follow." - Amazon Reviewer


I know this is a scary time for everyone, but I thought I would at least offer what I could. 

Happy reading everyone!





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