Top 10 Most Ridiculous Things That Happened in 2013

(While I'm making end-of-the-year lists)

10. The amount of strawberry margaritas that were consumed
9. When the sound completely went out for 10 minutes during the Muse show at Centennial Park
8. Surviving a Georgia summer without central air
7. George R.R. Martin
6. When I fell off a stationary motorcycle and sprained my ankle
5. Michael Tillman sitting in as a guest artist with me on "Hipster Haircut" - the angry break up song I once wrote about him
4. The Village People performing at KSU
3. Saying "I wish I had a job within walking distance" one day and getting a job within walking distance in a week
2. When Morrissey cancelled like 1800 concerts
1. Anything Kanye West said

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