Update from San Miguel de Allende


I'm writing from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico! (I thought I'd take a break from school work to update my blog!) I'm here for my first semester of my MFA Low Residency Program in Playwriting. I am completely loving this town. Everything is so beautiful here! This is my first time traveling out of the country (aside from Canada), and it's been an incredible experience so far. San Miguel is such an interesting town. It was founded in 1542, and there are so many old buildings and churches everywhere. The streets are all cobblestone, and the town is so vibrant, colorful, and alive. It's such an inspirational place to be for me as an artist. My head is exploding with ideas for songs and poems and plays.

It's great to be around so many other writers, too. I've met so many incredible people and artists here, and all of the work that I've read or heard so far from the other students has been unique and thought-provoking. Our faculty all has pretty impressive resumes as well. They all have books published or films that were produced based on their work. I'm really grateful to be in a program with so many talented students and teachers. I have already learned so much, and I've only been here for a week!

I've had many incredible spiritual experiences since I've been here as well. The other day, I wandered around town by myself and ended  up in the big Catholic church (the one in the photo above). I just sat in the church and meditated, absorbing the spiritual energy. I'm not Catholic by any means, but I appreciate all religions, and it was a very moving experience. Also, I got to see the pyramids at Teotihuacan last Friday, and I even got to climb some of them. That was undescribable. They say they were built sometime around 200 BC. I don't think I've ever seen a structure that old in my life. It was a little overwhelming.

I'm having a blast here! Artistically and personally. And I can't wait to see how my art grows and changes from this whole experience!

I hope everything is well back in the USA! :-)

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