Website launch

Hey, everyone! Thanks for checking out my website!

On this blog, I'll be talking about random things, albums I think you should check out, plays and concerts to go see (if you live around Atlanta), films that I like, how I feel about neosporin (okay, maybe not that), whatever! I'm all about promoting artistic projects and not just my own. Obviously, if you're trying to be successful as any sort of artist, you have to get all of your work out there, which is something this website is helping me do, but I would also like to be able to recommend other artists to check out. Musicians, poets, filmmakers, painters, actors, directors, writers, you name it. I just love art. Of all kinds.

So. Check out my calendar/links page for a list of recommended upcoming events and links to arts-related websites that I love, check out my poetry site to read the poem of the week, and stop back here at the blog to listen to the song of the day!

Thank you SO much for supporting new and upcoming artists!!

And here you have it. The song of the day! Bon Iver - "Blood Bank." I recently saw this show at Variety Playhouse, and it was amazing. The best show I have seen in a very long time. So enjoy! (This video isn't an "official" video for this song, but I thought it was cool.)